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Personal Coach & Teacher Trainer

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Advanced Pilates Teacher, Personal Coach & Teacher Trainer

My career in the fitness industry began in 1992...yes, all the way back then!


I came from a dance background with a passion for music and movement, so it won't be any surprise to hear that I started out in lycra leggings, leotard and a headband, Jane Fonda was my inspiration, and so my career began.


I have trained in many modalities as the years have gone on, mostly as I entered a new phase of my life and always because I would regularly find another way that I enjoyed moving.  It's a cliche but "if you don't move it, you lose it" and this is exactly what I did NOT want to happen.


Now, with a career spanning over 28 years, I have lots to offer including inspiration and motivation, in my opinion the most important things to have in sustaining a mobile, healthy body.  There are a lot of trainers out there to choose from but choose you must.  If it's experience (I have lots of this), qualifications (I have lots of these too), energy and the desire to get you going and keep you on track (my clients will tell you I have an abundance of this) then I'm the trainer for you!​

Having 'hung up my lycra' I now teach a more mindful practice that embraces the entire body, offering an opportunity to tone, stretch and balance not only the body but the mind. I have taught as young as 3 years old right up to 96 years old. The important thing is not your age but your willingness or ability to move. 


Through Exercise Therapy I can help you retrain muscles your body had forgotten you have, that may now be causing you pain or strain in your body. Through breath, focus and centering I can guide you to release stress and anxiety and with practice at home you can learn to use this amazing tool to create space for yourself, to sleep better, feel better and move better.


Pilates, as I'm sure you know is focused on movement of the entire body with control that concentrates on strengthening the core from the centre outwards. It's not just about working your abdominals (enter the yawn) but about controlling the movement in a very precise way that will encourage stability and balance. This is why it is one of the best modalities of movement that suits every body from a personal practice to a professional one. Many top sportsmen use Pilates in their training programs which seems the perfect opportunity to drop in that I have personally trained a pro England rugby player (no I won't name him here, you will have to trust me).


So, if you have read this far I hope you will have gained a better idea of who I am and what I expect, oh wait, I didn't tell you that part (oops)...well I train all of my clients on the understanding that they will get a home practice included with their 1:1 session and yes, I expect them to do it, in fact if you don't do it we can't train, it's as simple as that!  Your commitment to both yourself and to your personally designed program is key to your success.


Finally, if you want changes to happen in your body and in your life, then hit the "request free consultation" button and let's have a chat today?!


Pilates Coach

Learn or Teach?


I offer 2 different steps to coaching:  1. The Mind and 2. The Body

1. Personal Coach

These can be taken together or as stand alone packages, you choose...


I offer a simple, affordable monthly plan to find inspiration, motivation and very easy, very simple steps towards building a more effective lifestyle that will have a positive effect on your health, relationships, employment and who know's what else?!


Initially, we will set and agree goals and tasks that are totally achievable, so you will NOT fall at the first hurdle which usually presents itself within the first 10 days of change.  Once these have been set you will receive a copy of these goals and a record sheet for you to note down every day how you feel, what you have carried out, what was easy, what was not!


We will then meet online every week at an agreed day/time for a 10min reset and go!


If you need any help or have any questions in-between our weekly 'check-in' then I am available to try and help you via Whats App. The last thing we want is for you to feel like you have to wait until our 'check-in' only to find you have given up when you perhaps only needed a small adjustment.

I even offer a referral reward so you can "gain whilst you train" (ask me for details).


Pricing for my coaching packages here - Get started today...

2. Exercise Coach

I take a pragmatic approach to training my clients if they are taking exercise with me...


I ask that my clients work hard to achieve their aims, stay committed, focused and do their home practice...yep, home practice! Without this we can only hope for 1/2 results.


Light-heartedness and a huge element of fun will be injected into every session without exception and if you don't enjoy your very first session with me I have a money-back promise!

I offer a variety of packages for all budgets and all of my coaching sessions are flexible and personalised depending on the circumstances and experiences of each specific client. I even offer a referral reward so you can "gain whilst you train(ask me for details).

My Promise - I will offer you a money back guarantee if you do not enjoy your very first session...what's to lose?!


Pricing for my coaching packages here - Get started today...


About Teacher Training Courses

New Dawn Wellbeing is a fully accredited training centre with Active IQ offering approved online training courses. 

Courses meet the standard required by the National Framework for Vocational Qualification, Skills Active, and have undergone rigorous scrutiny from leaders in the industry.

All professionals involved in delivering these training courses are required to provide continued professional development (CPD) within the industry to maintain the statuses within the framework.

New Dawn Wellbeing has been subject to quality, standards and monitoring and will continue to meet these standards with regular checks.



“With a passion for health, fitness and general wellbeing, I cannot recommend Dawn enough if you want to make some changes in your life and set some new goals. Her experience, knowledge and inspiration has spurred me on so many times over the past 8 years to set, achieve and make lasting lifestyle changes.”

- JANE (Surrey)

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